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Fantastic family game, without computer or screen

Posted by on 7th Aug 2015

Hi all,

I am so happy to announce, that we are bringing the SHULBACH to Australia. "We" means

Our first 2 containers are in the warehouse and we are ready to start! You even might have seen it already on TV.

Some explanation of the game to start with. It is a long existing game, played mainly in Holland and later also in Belgium, Germany, France, UK int he US and other countries. It has different names in different languages. We have chosen to use the name SHULBACH as it is the pronunciation of the original word sjoelbak in Dutch. In France it is Billiard Hollandaise, in the UK they use Dutch Shuffleboard and in Germany some call it Jakkolo. But it is all the same game: Sjoelen.

The game originates in the 1800's and had different versions, when it moved to the Netherlands from the UK it changed shape and form and became what it is now. A 2 meter long and 40 cm wide board made of hardwoods, like Meranti and Beechwood. The idea is, to get the 30 discs, that are included in the game into four separate sections on the back of the board to accumulate the highest possible score. You can find all regulations under "about the game".

The great thing is that people of all ages can play it together and I lively remember the family gatherings where we would always play the game. It is great fun and it brings family together. You can play it on every table inside or outside.

On a more serious note, there are even world championships. So for those who are seriously trying to get the high scores and want to compete, we are intending to set up competitions locally, interstate and maybe be ready for the world championships in a couple of years.